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HIMALAYA OXIDES Pvt Ltd stands as one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of R.K brand Zinc Oxide in the Indian market. The promoter command rich experience in this field for over three decades.

The company has been producing Zinc Oxide since its inception in the year 1997 and has made major contributions in the growth of various industries in India. The company stands for years of reliable, consistent and high quality service to the Zinc Oxide user industry. Our list of customers include leaders from auto-tyre industry, tubes & other rubber goods manufacturers, paint, pharmaceutical & adhesive tapes.


Manufacturing Process

We have production capacity of 3600 MTPA with a state of art plant, having selected French Process for the manufacture of this chemical, keeping in mind the vital and salient role this chemical plays in your product. We use French Process that produces Zinc Oxide directly from Zinc Metal. Feed Stocks include Special high Grade Zinc and Zinc Dross. The French Process is a dominant manufacturing process all over the world due to improved quality of finished products. Zinc Metal is melted, vaporized and the vapor are then oxidized. Temperature and the mixture of Zinc Vapor and air in the combustion chamber of the furnace control the particle size.

  • himalayaoxide-rubbergrade

    Rubber Grade

  • himalayaoxide-medicine

    Pharma Grade

  • himalayaoxide-cosmetic

    Cosmetic Grade

  • himalayaoxide-ceramic

    Ceramic, Sanitary Ware Grade

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