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Our Zinc Oxide are useful for many applications specifically in the following industries:


Rubber Application, Latex, Adhesive and Tapes

Zinc Oxide is used in rubber and latex compounds as an activator in the curing and vulcanization process.
Zinc Oxide is used as a reinforcing agent adding durability and abrasion resistance.
Zinc Oxide is a raw material which aids in protecting rubber from harmful UV rays.
Zinc dispersions are used as ingredients in the vulcanizing of rubber.

Electroplating, Paints and Coatings

Zinc Oxide can be dissolved in sulphuric acid for electroplating.
Zinc Oxide is used in both water and solvent based formulations.
Zinc Oxide can be dissolved in phosphoric acid for use in the coating and metal priming industry.
Zinc Oxide can be used as a pigment as well as an excellent brightener.


Ceramics and Glass

Zinc Oxide is used to manufacture glazes and acts as an opacifier or whitener.
Zinc Oxide's low coefficient of thermal expansion improves resistance to thermal and mechanical shock, most notably in glass.
In the frit industry, zinc oxide enhances color and clarity.
Zinc Oxide's high refractive index makes it an excellent raw material for manufacturing optical glass.
Zinc Oxide is used in the varistors and ferrite industries to manufacture ceramic components which protect against lightning and voltage surges.

Pharmaceuticals and Food

IP Zinc Oxide is used in the production of lotions, sunscreens, and diaper rash prevention creams.
IP Zinc Oxide is used by cosmetic manufacturers a UV absorber.
IP Zinc Oxide is used by manufacturers of dietary supplements.



Zinc Oxide provides excellent UV stability and resistance in plastics, particularly outdoor weathering polypropylenes.
Zinc Oxide can impart heat resistance properties.

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