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Quality Assurance

The company's quality discipline has been endorsed through ISO 9001:2015 Certification by the leading international auditors, ICS. With an in house Technical laboratory at the plant site itself, we endeavor to give you a world class product i.e., "R.K. Brand Zinc Oxide" for application in your production activity.
Our Brand comes to you with stringent quality control. Our unmatched quality is ensured through Total Quality Management that ensures maximum quality in every aspect of production with Qualified Technical staff and chemists who takes care of every detail of production and delivery.

  • himalayaoxide-rubbergrade

    Rubber Grade

  • himalayaoxide-medicine

    Pharma Grade

  • himalayaoxide-cosmetic

    Cosmetic Grade

  • himalayaoxide-ceramic

    Ceramic, Sanitary Ware Grade

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